Top 30 Vegan Gifts Under $30!

(and nothing is made in China)

1) Ecolution Organic Hemp Knit Scarf

2) Fur & Feathers Animal-friendly Board Game

3) Estrella 100% Natural Hand-Crafted Soaps

4) Ecolution Organic Hemp Knit Hat (9 Color Choices)

5) Ethical Wares Vegan Dress Belt

6) Diet For A New America DVD

7) Suncoat Natural Vegan Cosmetics

8) Vegetarian Message T-Shirt (USA Organic Cotton)

9) Personalized $25 Gift Certificate to

10) Hempmania Hemp Dog Leash and/or Collar

11) Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home DVD

12) Jazzy Vegetarian (deluxe hardcover edition)

13) Vegetarian Cooking With Compassionate Cooks DVD

14) Hempmania Trifold Hemp Wallet (6 color choices)

15) Raw Food Made Easy DVD

16) Hempmania Bestseller Hemp Purse (6 color choices)

17) Earth Science Apricot Night Creme

18) Dough (Not!) Holes Low-Fat Vegan Donut Mix

19) Hempmania Hemp Checkbook Wallet (6 color choices)

20) Hydros Side-Fill Filtering Water Bottle (5 color choices)

21) Vegan Gal DVD

22) Simple Treats Wheat-Free Baked Goods (book)

23) A Diet For All Reasons DVD or VHS

24) Becoming Raw: The Essential Guide to Raw Vegan Diets

25) Tan City Belt by Vegetarian Shoes

26) Growing Green: Animal-Free Organic Gardening

27) Go Max Go Vegan Candy Value Pack

28) Ecolution Organic Hemp Shopping Bag

29) Conveniently Vegan: Turning Packaged Foods Into Delicious Dishes

30) Very Good Vegan DVD