~ Events Calendar ~

Apr. 1-3, Healthfest 2016, Marshall, Texas
Apr. 2, Texas VegFest, Austin, Texas
Apr. 2, Valley Vegfest, Northampton, Massachusetts
Apr. 3, Veggie Pride Parade, New York City, NY
Apr. 9, Vegas Vegfest, Las Vegas, Nevada
Apr. 9, Nashville VegFest, Nashville, Tennessee
Apr. 9-10, Seattle Vegfest, Seattle, Washington
Apr. 15-30, Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale
Apr. 16, The Yoga Expo, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Apr. 17, Berkeley Vegan Earth Day, Berkeley, California
Apr. 24, VegFest Vegan Tastefest, Novi, Michigan
Apr. 24, Tucson Vegfest, Tucson, Arizona
Apr. 30, Baltimore Veg Fest, Baltimore, Maryland
May 1, New England VegFest, Worcester, Massachusetts
May 7, Milwaukee Veg Expo, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
May 7, Cleveland VegFest, Cleveland, Ohio
May 7, To The Rescue! Saving Animal Lives, Los Angeles, CA
May 7-8, NYC Vegetarian Food Festival, New York City, NY
May 7-8, NOLA Veggie Fest, New Orleans, Louisiana
May 11-14, HSUS Animal Care Expo, Las Vegas, Nevada
May 14, Veggie Fest Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
May 15, Annual Run for the Animals, Wheaton, Maryland
May 21-22, VegFestUK. Brighton, U.K.
May 29, American Vegan Garden Party, Malaga, New Jersey

Please report your event to us roughly 2 months in advance
. Simply send an e-mail to comments@TheVegetarianSite.com