~ Events Calendar ~

Sep. 5-7, 30th Veg Food Fest. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sep. 12-14, Food+Health 2014, Austin, Texas
Sep. 13, 11th Annual Festival of Life. London, England
Sep. 20, D.C. VegFest. Washington, DC
Sep. 20, Plant Powered Health Expo. San Francisco, California
Sep. 24 - Oct. 4, Phuket Vegetarian Festival. Phuket, Thailand
Sep. 27, Charlottesville Veg Fest. Charlottesville, VA
Sep. 27-28, Portland VegFest 2014. Portland, Oregon
Sep. 28, Twin Cities Veg Fest. Minneapolis, Minnesota
Oct. 1-6, 42nd IVU World VegFest. Accra, Ghana
Oct. 4, World Animal Day events. (various locations)
Oct. 4, Vegan Oktoberfest. Santa Monica, California
Oct. 6, Poplar Springs 17th Annual Open House. Poolesville, Maryland
Oct. 10-12, Healthy Lifestyle Expo. Los Angeles, California
Oct. 11, Chicago Veganmania. Chicago, Illinois
Oct. 11-12, World Veg Festival. San Francisco, California
Oct. 17-19, Annual Animal Law Conference. Portland, Oregon
Oct. 19, Texas State Veggie Fair. Dallas, Texas
Oct. 25, 9th Annual Central Florida Veg Fest. Orlando, Florida
Oct. 25-26, 19th Annual Boston Vegetarian Food Festival. Boston, Mass.
Oct. 26, Lone Star Vegetarian Chili Cook-Off. Round Rock, Texas
Nov. 2, Healthy Taste of LA, Los Angeles, California
Nov. 8, The 5th Annual Tampa Bay Veg Fest. Tampa, Florida.
Nov. 8, Atlanta Veg Fest 2014. Atlanta, Georgia
Nov. 8, Celebration For The Turkeys. Acton, California.

Please report your event to us roughly 2 months in advance
. Simply send an e-mail to comments@TheVegetarianSite.com