#9. John McDougall, M.D. (2.5% of total vote) -- One of the first traditional physicians to advocate a vegetarian diet rather than drugs for the reversal of heart disease and other medical conditions, John McDougall is a leading authority on vegan nutrition. He is the founder and director of the well-known McDougall Program, a 12-day nutritional and educational plan at St. Helena Hospital and Health Center in California. McDougall has also authored several books, such as The McDougall Program for a Healthy Heart, The McDougall Program for Women, McDougall's Medicine, The McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss, and others.
#10. Joanne Stepaniak (2.5% of total vote) -- Joanne Stepaniak is a prominent writer, speaker, and educator on veganism, engaged compassion, and humane living. Her work is dedicated to enriching the human spirit through exploring and fostering awareness of the interconnectedness of all life. She is a prolific author, whose works include Being Vegan, The Vegan Sourcebook, and eight vegan cookbooks including Vegan Vittles and The Uncheese Cookbook. She also hosts the popular web site, Grass Roots Veganism and the Grass Roots Veganism discussion board.
#11. The Nelsons (2.5% of total vote) -- Since 1996 Jeff and Sabrina Nelson have operated VegSource.com, the most popular vegetarian web site on the internet and host to several major vegan organizations. Jeff Nelson is also Chair-Elect of the Board of Directors of EarthSave International, while Sabrina is active promoting vegetarianism in schools. They live in the Los Angeles area with their three vegan children and a vegan exchange student from Brazil.
#12. Linda & Paul McCartney (2.5% of total vote) -- An animal rights activist for 28 years, Linda McCartney promoted vegetarianism very effectively both on a personal level and through the media. She authored several cookbooks, including Linda McCartney's World of Vegetarian Cooking, Linda's Kitchen, and Linda McCartney's Home Cooking. A vegetarian advocate in his own right (despite a few skeptics who thought it was all Linda's doing), Paul McCartney has taken over the crusade, promoting Great Britain's National Vegetarian Week, and emphasizing both the ethical and ecological superiority of a plant-based diet.
#13. Gene & Lorri Bauston (2% of total vote) -- Since their Farm Sanctuary began in 1986, the Baustons have devoted their time and resources to ending the cruel practices of the animal agriculture industry while simultaneously providing unique lifelong shelters in New York and California for rescued and abandoned farm animals. The Baustons and their Organization have been instrumental to the animal rights movement, sponsoring the successful Downed Animal Bill in California, investigating and exposing animal abuse at hundreds of "food animal" operations across the U.S., and educating consumers about the plight of farm animals.
#14. Erik Marcus (2% of total vote) -- Author of the groundbreaking book, Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating (his first), Erik Marcus has made a rapid rise to influence within the vegan movement. In addition to working on several other book projects and the re-release of his first, Marcus recently completed a public speaking tour of approximately 100 cities to disseminate the vegan message. He publishes articles, reviews, and editorials regularly on his popular web site, Vegan.com.
#15. Matt Ball and Jack Norris (2% of total vote) -- The founders of Vegan Outreach, Matt Ball and Jack Norris, along with fellow activists have distributed over 1 million copies of their informational booklet, Why Vegan? The success of their direct-to-consumer strategy has been made abundantly clear by the steady stream of testimonials from individuals across the world that have given up meat "cold turkey" after reading their literature. In addition to Why Vegan? Norris and Ball offer other booklets, including the Vegan Starter Pack, Vegetarian Living, and the Vegan Advocacy Booklet.
#16. Moby (2% of total vote) -- A highly-talented techno music pioneer, Moby's versatility makes it difficult to pigeonhole his music, but his personal convictions are defined quite clearly. High among them is his commitment to the vegan lifestyle, which he integrates into much of his work (e.g. Animal Rights) and discusses at length in his Play (1999) CD liner notes. Moby recently supported the production of the new Vegetarian Nutrition video for The Vegetarian Society aimed at secondary school students and their teachers.

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